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Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Recruiters — both corporate and non-corporate — turn to Glickman Consulting when they need assistance finding hard-to-find talent in Dynamics AX, JD Edwards (JDE), PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, SAP, Epicor, NetSuite and other ERP solutions. After all, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a sub-specialty area of IT with a language of its own — and it is Glickman Consulting’s sole focus. We’re veteran recruiters with the ability to get ERP positions filled.

We speak ERP.

For starters, we make sure that your job description is written in ERP lingo, is appealing to potential candidates, and optimally represents your company and opportunity. We identify candidates with the desired skills and solid performance records — those whom we believe will be a strong cultural fit for your organization. These are the professionals that are often hard, if not impossible, to reach. Glickman Consulting provides the so-called “passive” candidate with compelling reasons to consider your company and your opportunity, providing a win-win for all.

Experience counts. So does our network.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP – the subset of IT that involves the seamless integration of all business applications.

As a boutique IT recruiting and staffing company specializing solely in ERP, corporate and non-corporate recruiters alike look to us for our extensive search capabilities, which includes a proprietary 26,000+ ERP-centric resource database that is updated daily. We maintain ongoing relationships with high-performing individuals so we’re ready to move when you are. We also  have worldwide connections with recruiting firms.

Glickman Consulting reaches out with calls and emails,  combing our extensive ERP network. We cover all the bases. Your job immediately goes on our website. We post extensively on appropriate job boards using our dedicated job slots. And, we leverage social media at places where ERP folks hang out.  We put intensive recruiting and marketing talent on your search to find you that ERP rock star…and make you look like a recruiting star as well.

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If you are a recruiter with a specialty ERP search, make your life easier.  And make your hiring managers happier. We will get the job done.  Contact us now at 303.306.7400 or