Interview tips: Do you have an elevator pitch?

Interview tips: Do you have an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is what you need to respond to the inevitable request –Tell me about yourself.  A solid elevator pitch is one that is short and sweet, customized to the listener, and states, in a few simple sentences,  what you want a person to know about the direction of your career.

How do you create a great elevator pitch?

First, it takes thought, so don’t expect it to take just a few minutes. Forbes has a great article, with nine steps, to help you create the right elevator pitch. Check out The Perfect Elevator Pitch To Land A Job.

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Have answers ready for difficult questions.

Is an elevator pitch only useful during a job interview?

You should be prepared to deliver your elevator pitch at any moment, not only at a job interview but anytime…in line at the coffee shop, at the gym, and yes – even in an elevator. In other words, you can offer it whenever you come in contact with someone who might just be able to help you land that perfect position.

 Prepare for your job interview.

Check out the Interview Tips to learn more about all the aspects of interview preparation.  You will be glad you took the time to prepare.  Best of luck in the pursuit of your career.

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