How does Glickman Consulting’s NPAworldwide Recruitment Network membership benefit you?

Worldwide recruiting access through a network of 1,400 recruiters globally benefits employers.

What is the NPAworldwide Network?

Glickmman Consulting is an NPA Recruitment Network

Glickman Consulting is an active member of the NPAworldwide Recruitment Network.

It’s worldwide recruiting access to find the right talent for employers. For more than 60 years, NPAworldwide has been connecting independent global recruiting partners and staffing firms to assist in finding top talent, whether nationally or internationally. The oldest recruiting network of its kind, Glickman Consulting can leverage recruiters who are based throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa to find the right person for your jobs. Recruiters meet often, both locally and around the world.

What are the benefits of using an NPAworldwide member recruiter?

As an NPAworldwide member, Mark Glickman CPC, Glickman Consulting, benefits from the camaraderie, knowledge, contacts and perspective of colleagues around the world.  For the employer seeking talent, it means you can leverage candidates cultivated by 500 firms and approximately 1,500 recruiters on six continents over time.

  • Fill positions quickly.  The ability to quickly fill critical roles reflects positively on you and your ability to achieve company goals. Each NPAworldwide member has the support of this expansive network to help you find and connect you with the right candidates…promptly.
  • Benefit from global, and local, reach.  With members who have knowledge of local conditions around the world, your recruiter gives you global reach and understanding of local market conditions. Perhaps your local candidate has been working abroad, and now wants to come home.
  • Get access to passive candidates. Sometimes the best candidates for a position are already employed and not actively seeking a new position. NPAworldwide members can tap into their large pool of passive candidates.
  • Multiple recruiters work together on your behalf. You get access to many recruiters and their databases. Simply put, you are able to leverage more recruiting resources and partners searching for the top talent for your specialized staffing needs…at no extra cost.
  • A specialty focus. NPAworldwide recruiters specialize in many different industries. Employers benefit from a network of recruiters and agencies who are uniquely qualified to find the right person for your company.

Want to know more?

Contact Mark Glickman, CPC, Glickman Consulting, at or call 1.303.306.7400.


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