Cloud Predictions – 2013

According to experts, everything isn’t going to the cloud. The clould will, however, come into its own in 2013.  A recent Forrsights Surveys indicated that half of all enterprises in Europe and North America plan to invest in cloud-related projects this year.

Cost modeling should determine whether the cloud is appropriate for your organization. It is predicted that there will be choices, because the supporting hardware will differentiate both offerings and cost.  Expect that, as cloud services increase, prices will drop.

Certainly the pressures of workforce preference for immediate on-demand access to information, the complexity of corporate data centers and cost efficiency will be factors in increasing demand.

You’ve already begun, and will continue to see, may articles that discuss cloud vs onsite hosting.

Developers will come to realize that development isn’t all that different via the cloud, as neither cloud-specific nor cloud-optimized language is required. Coding will remain the same, so the only real differences will be in the services orientation and the need to configure applications to provide specific availabilities and performance. Therefore, any well-trained developer should, and will be expected, to be at home in the cloud.

Other predictions include:

  • a big data and cloud-computing boom – two sides of the same tech coin;
  • local cloud networks will emerge brought to you by local ISPs and telecos; &
  • community clouds will start to appear – multi-tenant infrastructures will support groups of users based on geography and-or industry or other similarities.

How will you participate in the cloud in 2013?

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